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UBER Eats - Rainers Wintergarten

UberEATS is the easiest way to bring your favorite food to your home.

In the UberEATS app you can now order food from Rainers Witnergarten. Open the app and look for Rainers Wintergarten. Did you find something? Tap it to add it to your basket.

If you wish to complete the order, you will see your address, the estimated delivery time and the cost of your order including taxes and delivery fees. Everything looks good? Tap \ "Send Order" - and that's it. Over Eats automatically loads the credit card that was deposited in the app. So you never need cash.

You can track your order in the app. First you see the order acceptance by the Rainers Restaurant and that your order is in process. Shortly before everything is ready, a partner in the vicinity - by car, bike or scooter - goes to the Rainers Hotel to collect your order. Then he goes straight to you. You can follow the journey on the map and see the name and the image of the driver.